BSL/English interpreter support

 is able to offer support to BSL/English interpreters, whether you are a Trainee Sign Language Interpreter (TSLI) or a Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI), whether you are inexperienced or experienced.


Do you feel it has been a while since you gained your BSL qualification and not had feedback on your BSL skills since then?


Perhaps you have recently qualified as a BSL interpreter and want to continue improving  your BSL skills?


Do you have interpreting dilemmas and would like a Deaf person's viewpoint?


Or, as part of your CPD, you would like some feedback on your BSL skills?


"I became a registered qualified Sign Language Interpreter yonks ago and wonder if my BSL skills are still at a high standard?"

"Can someone observe me working in a live interpreting situation and give me constructive feedback afterwards?"

"My team of interpreters face interpreting dilemmas daily and would like a Deaf person's viewpoint."


What do we offer

We can offer observations at real interpreting situations, followed by a private 1-1 tutorial, giving constructive feedback.  We also can come to the interpreter(s)' workplace and offer training to small groups of interpreters.  

Examples of observations of real interpreting situations
  • events, e.g. ghost tour
  • museum tours, e.g. Abbey House Museum
  • Leeds City Museum
  • theatre interpreting
  • meetings, e.g. neighbourhood watch meeting


Benefits of BSL/English interpreter support

  • tailor-made to meet your needs
  • constructive feedback
  • guidance on how to improve certain skill areas
  • informal & relaxed
  • gain confidence
  • gain CPD points


Contact us for further details.


Dionne Thomas
2013-09-17, 09:35
Alison is a positive and encouraging teacher and brings out the best in those she teaches. I have had the pleasure of being taught by Alison who took ...
2012-01-09, 13:06
I would like to say that I have found your classes both interesting and informative, and feel I have learnt more in the three months I have been atten...
2013-05-20, 20:36
Your organisation of materials, teaching methods and calm assured manner cannot be faulted. Feedback given is always well considered, clear and constr...