iBSL Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies

This qualification aims to further learners' experiences and development in communication through BSL with Deaf people on everyday topics involving social life and at work, school or college.  A Level 2 course will enable development in functional BSL communication in more depth than at Level 1, requiring a wider grasp of grammar to cope with some non-routine language exchanges.

This qualification has been developed in accordance with the National Language Standards at Level 2.


This qualification is divided into four units:

  • Receptive Skills in BSL
  • Developing BSL Presentation Skills
  • Understand and take part in routine conversations in BSL
  • Understand and use routine BSL in everyday contexts

Each unit is assessed separately and success in all four units will lead to the full Level 2 Certificate in BSL.


These topics will be covered - Meeting People, Work, School, College, Personal and social lifestyle choices, Daily Activities, Timeframes, Use of routine linking conventions and prepositions, Signing Structure and key grammatical features.


Learners are required to dedicate a total of 50 hours to out-of-class activities that enable the learner to (a) research their topics (b) engage in community activities where use of signing is the norm.


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • acquire sufficient language to enable communication with Deaf people, including those in the workplace or at school/college, at an intermediate level;
  • develop the ability to present personal, social and work-related information in BSL;
  • exchange routine information with Deaf people in social life and/or the workplace or at school and college;
  • understand and give advice and instructions about everyday work and/or social matters. 


Target group

The Level 2 Certificate in BSL Studies is suitable for those who:

  • wish to acquire extended BSL skills for the purpose of holding more detailed communication with Deaf people, including family, friends and colleagues at work, school or college;
  • need to acquire BSL skills as part of a programme of study or professional development;
  • are studying for personal development with a view to future employment;
  • wish to progress from the Level 1 Award.

Learners should have the Level 1 Award in BSL before embarking on the  Level 2 Certificate course.


Length of course (75 classroom hours plus 75 hours of personal study)

This course can be taught in different formats, e.g. 

  • 2 hours sessions for 38 weeks
  • 3 hours sessions for 25 weeks
  • 13 full days

Learners must be committed to at least 75 hours of personal study which include access to online resources provided by  and 


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